Photo Gallery

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(all artwork seen in photos belongs entirely to the artist that created it - thanks for keeping it here and supporting independent artists!)

 Foxglove Beginnings - Photos of the creation of the gallery

 First Day of Business - Photos from our first day open

Grand Opening - Photos from our January 7th Celebration

Faces & Spaces February 2011 featuring works in by: Beata Chrzanowska and Neil Subel

Pen and Ink by: Beata Chrzanowska

Oil Painting by: Neil Subel

Pen & ink: Beata Chrzanowska, jewelry: Robin Peron, Cindy Hamilton, Nicole Koshen, Sculpture: Leyton Schiebel, Crochet items: Loretta Lehmann, Fishtank TV donated by Glass Aquatics

Oil Paintings by Neil Subel

Longboards by Casey Carney


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